Arithmetic Game

Arithmetic Game

Complete a equation by picking filling in numbers
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This arithmetic game is fun and easy to use. To play this arithmetic game, you can go right ahead experimenting on your own or you Look at the instructions below to learn how to play. Before you start this arithmetic game, choose the level of difficulty and the math function you want to use. Before playing, click on the 'New Player' button. After you enter your name, click on the 'Start game' button to begin answering questions. The arithmetic game will keep track of how many answers you get right and wrong and how long it takes you to get the correct answer.. Feel free to stop the arithmetic game at any time by clicking on the 'Stop game' button. To switch players, click on the 'New Player' button.If you like maths and want to have some minutes of fun, then this game will be of your interest. Arithmetic Game will put to the test your skills in basic mathematical operations, testing your mental agility and speed to solve the given equations. The gameplay is quite dynamic and absorbing, and requires a fast and analytical mind. The game will show you an equation at the bottom of the screen, and will challenge you to solve it in the least time possible, because the amount of points awarded will depend on your speed. In the middle of the screen you will see a grid with numbers from 1 to 9, and to start playing you simply need to pick them with a click. As you advance, operations increase in difficulty, so you will need all of your concentration. There is a total of seven equations to solve, and a counter controlling how long it takes for you to solve them. In spite of its simplicity, the game is very entertaining, and can be a good pastime for moments of leisure. Besides, it is free, small in size, and downloads in seconds. So, if you believe you are good at maths, you should definitely try it.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Good pastime
  • Free


  • Only 7 equations to solve
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